RAA’s expertise in the industry allows us to assist you with the important decisions you will make during your career and after retirement. Our professionals have the experience and resources to help you create and implement a disciplined financial plan encompassing investment management, financial planning, estate planning, survivor assistance, tax2and insurance guidance as well as your company benefits. We have worked successfully with thousands of clients to help them address their unique needs.

1RAA is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.

2RAA is not a CPA firm, meaning we cannot offer non-related tax services such as bookkeeping services, business financial statement preparation, nor auditing services.

401(k) Professional Investment Management

The 401(k) Professional Management Plan is designed to provide active pilots access to a professional Financial Consultant and an action plan to help you define and reach your retirement goals. Some of the highlights of this plan include:

  • Professionally managed 401(k) portfolio that will be invested according to your risk tolerance and goals, managed and adjusted by our investment team according to the current market outlook and rebalanced on your behalf
  • A custom retirement plan developed in partnership with you
  • A Financial Consultant available to answer all of your financial planning and investment questions
  • Guidance through the retirement process to ensure all airline benefits are maximized
  • Survivor Assistance for your family
  • No Transaction Fees for trading within BrokerageLink (For American and Delta pilots)

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Retirement Wealth Management

The Retirement Wealth Management Plan was designed for individuals who are close to or have reached retirement. This plan includes all of the premium services we offer as well as a financial advisor to personally guide you throughout your retirement. Some of the highlights of this plan include:

  • Professional wealth management by an investment team experienced in the investment of irreplaceable retirement assets.
  • Comprehensive estate plan document review1
  • Social Security consulting
  • Medicare advisement
  • Long-term care consulting
  • Insurance and tax consulting2
  • Required Minimum Distribution guidance

1RAA is not a law firm and does not give legal advice.

2RAA is not a CPA firm, meaning we cannot offer non-related tax services such as bookkeeping services, business financial statement preparation, nor auditing services.

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Financial planning is never a one-dimensional process. It entails coordinating numerous factors that touch upon your investments, future income requirements, estate plan, tax situation and other key considerations.

A strong financial plan gives you an objective view of your overall financial picture and provides you with the guidance you need to enjoy a stress free retirement. Our Relationship Managers have the experience, expertise, and resources to help you and your family create and implement a thoughtful and disciplined financial plan.


If you are like many other investors, one of your most significant concerns may be falling short of your financial goals. RAA harnesses extensive investment management expertise to create investment strategies designed to meet your lifetime growth and income needs.

At Retirement Advisors, your portfolio will be diversified broadly across an array of asset classes, investment styles and investment managers. We take special care to combine these elements to reduce overall portfolio risk. Diversification also provides you with a wider range of return opportunities.


Many people over or underestimate their tolerance for risk, decreasing their chances of sticking to their financial plan and reaching their goals. Take a 25-question risk tolerance questionnaire to find out where you fall on the risk spectrum with a personalized risk score.


There is a very common misconception that only elderly or wealthy people need to have an estate plan in place. No matter how many years you believe you have left or how much money you have, a carefully crafted plan will clearly define your wishes, should you unexpectedly become incapacitated and unable to make decisions.  Whether or not you already have an estate plan in place, we offer a complimentary review to ensure that your documents are complete or we can advise you on how to get started.


Retirement Advisors has developed a guide to help you, your spouse and family sit down and plan for the transition of running your household should one of you become incapacitated or pass away. There are many publications that provide assistance once you become a widow or widower, but it is hard to find help on preparing for that eventuality. We want to help ease the burden of the surviving spouse and family members.

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Dealing with the loss of a spouse, child or parent can be an emotional roller coaster and can change everything in an instant. We have spent many years developing our Survivor Assistance Program to guide you through the financial decisions, paperwork, and estate settlement that follows a death. Our crisis team, which consists of your Relationship Managers, your CPA and estate planning attorney will be there to assist the surviving spouse and extended family when they are least able to attend to the details.

There's nothing like the peace of mind you get as a Retirement Advisors client, knowing your family will be taken care of, should something happen to you.


Our Survivor Handbook was designed to assist you during one of the most challenging times you may face after the passing of a loved one. While there is not an answer for every situation, we hope this handbook will assist you in getting organized, knowing who to contact for various issues, as well as provide you with basic educational information on this difficult topic.

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Tax laws are often complicated and can change frequently. It is essential that all aspects of your financial plan take advantage of current legislation. RAA offers tax planning and preparation services to prepare your annual return and identify any tax strategies available to you, as well as help guide you through complex federal and state tax issues including the recent tax law changes, deductions, and estate tax consequences.


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