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Technology Tools for Retirees

Posted by Brad Bridgewater on Mar 31, 2016 4:08:55 PM
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laptop_and_tablet_on_desk_-_small.jpgLiving in the technological era has some major perks, many of which include online tools designed to make your life easier. These tech tools can help you manage your finances, your family life and your social connections.   

Retirees and those close to retirement can benefit from the conveniences many of today’s websites provide. Here are suggestions for five top tech tools available to help you manage your finances, and your life, leading up to and during retirement:

1. Mint

This online platform consists of several tools in one. While the initial set-up may take up to 30 minutes or so, the result is a holistic financial tool that assists you in tracking liquid cash, savings, spending and debts, and helps to keep your budget on track. Mint also steers users towards higher-interest savings accounts or lower-interest credit cards to maximize net worth.

2. BlueZones

An important part of retirement planning is projecting a realistic life expectancy. BlueZones is a well-rounded version of a "life expectancy calculator." Their premise is that 80% of your life expectancy is controlled by you, so they include tips, suggestions and encouragement for living a healthier, happier life. In addition to providing valuable insight, these facts and projections can help you make more informed decisions about health insurance, life insurance and long-term care savings.

3. WebMD

This wellness website can save you time on several health-related items such as looking up the symptoms and treatments of common ailments, researching information on prescriptions, or finding a doctor in your area. It also includes articles on various topics that could help you live a healthier, happier life. This is not a replacement for diagnosing and treating ailments or regular doctor’s appointments but it is a great place to start.

4. Skype or Google Hangouts

Both Skype and Google Hangouts are wonderful, FREE tools, used to have video conversations with friends and family. These services are especially beneficial for those who live far away from grandchildren or whose retirement dreams take them on the road or overseas for large portions of the year. They're a smart way to save money on international phone cards and/or cell phone plans.

5. Everplans

This website allows you to create a secure online collection of important documents including Wills, Trusts, insurance policies, account information, health information, and more, allowing your loved ones easy access to documents they may someday need.

Today’s technology has allowed us to become more efficient in our day-to-day lives. By taking advantage of these and many other websites designed to simplify essential tasks, you can spend less time organizing documents or searching for a doctor, and focus on making the most of your post-retirement years.


For suggestions on how to implement these and other technology tools into your retirement, request a complimentary consultation with Retirement Advisors of America.

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